About The Center

Nofit is a center for the treatment of eating disorders.
The center located in Hod Hasharon in central Israel. Nofit offers a variety of treatments that are tailored specifically to the patient needs.

The creation, maintenance and management of Nofit Center was the initiative of Chaya & Shlomo Greenberg who are also responsible for the funding of the center.

The Clinical Team

Nofit's staff is an experienced, interdisciplinary group that includes a psychiatrist, clinical dietician, a clinic psychologist, social worker, family care experts and art and movement therapists.
Our clinical director is Dr. Yoram Inspector, psychiatrist and psychotherapist who
specializes in the treatment of eating disorders


Nofit Center is conveniently located in Hod Hasharon in central Israel. The building is situated within the community; in a natural and quiet setting surrounded by gardens.

The place was carefully selected and reflects our philosophy that a center for eating disorders must place the patients within the community rather than isolating them in
a secluded area

What causes eating disorder?
Treatment Program at Nofit
The Way to Change
Losing weight without dieting

What causes eating disorders?

In the competitive society within which we all live, we are exposed to the emphasis on physical appearance. In particular a skinny or emaciated look as been a highly prized attribute on one hand, as well as the continuous temptation of the rich and over abundance of foods that being offered to us. Eating disorders reveal the difficulties in balancing these two dichotomous pressures. The cultural and social processes in conjunction with personal distress of various kinds, influence the development of eating disorders. These disorders include:

Anorexia Nervosa: involves the drastic loss of weight, disturbances in body imge, obsessive fear of gaining weight and the cessation of a monthly menhorrea.

Bulimia nervosa: binge-eating attacks that are followed by vomiting and/or the consumption of laxatives and/or excessive obsessive exercising.

Binge Eating disorder: and other disorders that are linked to excessive food consumption have become common in recent years and are prevalent among both male and females.

Treatment Program at Nofit

In spite of some similarities, each eating disorder has its own roots and its symptoms are specific to the individual. Therefore, we at Nofit believe that the patients should have their own tailor-made treatment program designed specifically for them.

One of the primary difficulties people with eating disorders have to face is the complete dependence between self-esteem issues and physical appearance. This dependence is accompanied by an obsessive over- involvement in weight, calorie counting, and often with the way one dresses while at the same time losing interest in other important facets of life. Very often the individual's judgment is impaired and there is a disregard for the dangers to health and life. We believe that in order to become disentangled from the eating disorder trap, patients needs to understand what exactly is the meaning of the eating disorder in their life, and conversely, why is it so difficult to disassociate from the disorder.
Treatment must be comprehensive and is designed to relate to all facets of the individual: physical, medical, psychological as well focusing on the family constellation of the patient. Nofit also offers workshops in a variety of related subjects, group treatments and parental guidance /counseling groups.

The Way to Change

Releasing oneself from the burden of an eating disorder can be achieved gradually by:

Stabilizing and balancing the physical self.
Acquiring the correct eating habits.
Moderating the "black and white" attitude or "all or nothing" approach.
Enhancing verbal and creative expression of feelings and anxiety hidden by the     disorders.
Strengthening the ability to give up the desire for perfection in exchange for the desire for acceptance and integration.

Losing weight without dieting - A Non Diet Approach

This program was designed to assist individuals for whom regular dieting did not solve the problem of overeating or obesity.

The aim of this program is to create a balance between body, the psyche.

The Body:

A full departure from the concept of dieting and a better understanding of the damage it causes in the short and long term.
The identification of body hunger and fully responding to it appropriately.

Learning respect for our body and its mechanisms.

Comprehension of the principles of healthy, correct, balanced and enjoyable eating.

The Psyche:

Understanding the scope of the reasons causing increases in body weight.

Identification of thoughts that undermine the process of change and the replacement of such thoughts with more positive ones.

Identification of the hunger of the psyche and ways and means to confront them.

The improvement of the body image.

The purpose of the program is to learn how to create a balance, more harmonous acceptance of self. The program enables people to free themselves from the diet imprisonment and live full and enjoyable life.
An interdisciplinary, professional team is part of the program: A psychiatrist, clinical dietician, psychologist, family therapy expert and professional art and movement therapists.

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